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Twilight Photography
with Light Painting frames


  • As you expect the main difference between standard exterior shots and Twilight Photos is the time of day in which they are captured.

  • Twilight Photography is specialized. The photographs can only be captured during a narrow window of time right around dusk or dawn within a 20min span of time. 

  • Due to the narrow time window when the light is perfect and the sky intensity matches the intensity of the interior lighting.

  •  Multiple camera angles aren't ideal, even less so when light painting is added, so a twilight photo shoot tends to produce a very small number of suitable images, typically only 1-2 per session. 

  • At Photos - FERA we make sure to bring at least 2 cameras for 2 angles + a DRONE aerial twilight image. 




  • Light painting begins with basic twilight photography, but that subtle “glow” eminating from the home comes from the photographers lighting. 

  • The camera remains stationary on a tripod throughout the changing light (sometimes up until 2 hours after a sunset!)  

  • Selected parts of the property are then individually lit with artificial light.

  • This provides multiple frames all taken from the same position but with different sections of the home/landscaping lit up to create a “3D feel” that the warm lighting inside the home is spilling onto the grass, trees, stairs etc....

  • This effect creates much more texture and depth to the imageIn post-production, each one of these images is layered and then with pin point precision gently painted in by hand to create the final result.

  • What we are left with a natural feeling twilight image but with a warm inviting feel.

Standard Twilight


Standard Twilight


Standard Twilight


Light Painted Twilight


Light Painted Twilight


Light Painted Twilight

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