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Welcome to Photos-FERA 

A family run business with service and quality as their top priority.


Meet our founder and CFO, Julian. Summing up everything about him in one quick paragraph would literally be impossible. Julian puts all of his energy and more into everything that he does. He loves his art and above all else his family. Perfection is never enough for him. From photographing real estate listings to capturing the intimacy of a wedding day or working in his studio. Julian's passion stems from interacting with others whilst creating inspiring imagery through advanced lighting and post processing techniques. He is self taught and is always learning from other photographers along the way. 

Meet our newest official addition and COO, Anita. For the past 5 years, she has been on the sidelines supporting Photos-FERA as much as she could but recently she has joined the team full time. With a background in health sciences and biochemistry, she is furthest from what you would expect to be part of a photo team but she has a lot to offer. With her years of experience in administration as well as sales, she has helped to propel the company to where it is today. Along the way she has learned many tricks of the trade and does not only help in handling the business but also creates some of the work that is delivered. 

Above all else, we cannot forget Scarlett Photos-FERA's mascot. She has the hardest job but handles it with grace. No one else on the team can be as cute as she is!

Photos-FERA is your dream team. Passionate and determined individuals with a singular goal in mind, clients satisfaction and perfection. We look forward to working with you. 

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