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With over a decade's expertise in real estate and event photography, I've honed my craft in delivering exceptional visuals and employing advanced post-processing techniques. My journey blends a passion for capturing captivating images with a keen eye for detail, ensuring high-quality results tailored to client needs. Beyond photography, my career spans 15 years in service and sales, fostering a robust understanding of client relations and business dynamics. Whether crafting stunning property showcases or orchestrating event narratives through imagery, my commitment lies in delivering excellence, merging creativity with extensive experience to exceed expectations in every project. ​


Introducing Anita, our newest Chief Operating Officer (COO). While supporting Photos-FERA behind the scenes for the past 5 years, she recently joined us full-time. Her background in health sciences and biochemistry might seem unconventional for a photography team, but her diverse expertise is invaluable. With extensive experience in administration and sales, Anita has played a pivotal role in the company's growth and success. Not only does she manage the business, but she also contributes creatively to our work.


Let's not forget Scarlett, Photos-FERA's adorable mascot, who handles her role with unparalleled grace and charm! At Photos-FERA, we are more than a team; we are dedicated professionals committed to one goal – ensuring client satisfaction and delivering perfection. We're excited to collaborate with you.

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