Hi I'm Julian!
Nice to meet you.


Summing up everything about me in one quick paragraph would literally be impossible. My wife often tells me that I'm over the top with everything that I do, which is great since I put 10,000% of my energy into my art and my family. Perfection is never enough for me. From photographing real estate listings to capturing the intimacy of a wedding day or working in my studio. This all boils down to my passion for others whilst creating inspiring imagery through advanced lighting and post processing techniques.

I am proud to say that over the years I have grown my passion all the while being self taught and allowing myself to learn from other photographers along the way. 

How did it all start? A little over eight years ago, I started photographing architecture as a hobby. That same year I was also asked to photograph a wedding. Since then, I have devoted thousands of hours towards bettering my skills and perfecting my craft. Given my experience in photography I have also ventured in video which I also offer. Why did I gravitate towards a mix of event and real estate photography/videography? After many years of applying myself to different forms of photography I finally learned that I have an equal passion and love for both. The truth is, I just can't chose!

Real estate stems from my obsession with straight lines and all things "neat".

Events stem from my love of working with people and my obsession with controlling lighting in various environments.

Within the first 2 hours of holding a camera I knew this was my calling; I was meant for this.

I would love to learn about YOU, lets grab a coffee!!